Procurement Fraud Indicators

The Procurement Fraud Indicators game was designed in order to help its players understand how, when and why to apply the concepts of procurement fraud to realist situations. This game allows its players to interact with 8 varied situations.  Within each situation, players first collect information through an investigative phase, then create a hypothesis on if fraud has been comitted and if so what type.  Players who determine fraud has been committed are next moved to an interview phase with the suspect in which they are allowed to ask questions related to the evidence they collected.  Once the interview is complete, the player is asked to make a final determination regarding the possiblitiy and type of fraud.  This game was a finalist in the IITSEC 2009 Serious Games Showcase and Challenge.  This game also can be played within DAU’s Procurement Fraud Conintuous Learning Module (CLM 049) available at