DAU Casual Games Portal

This project was a true labor of love.  Casual games and mini games as part of an educational or training program seem like a no brainer right?  I thought so, so I pushed and shoved and stomped my feed until I made this one happen.  I knew that it was important for our assets to be as high in quality as people’s experiences outside of their work lives.  The DAU demographic was representative of the casual gamer’s market, so why not create a few games that people could play anytime that reinforced their knowledge of the acquisition process.  And why not make those games, and others available via a games site that followed an industry model.  And that is how this site was born.  It allows govt employees to access the site at their workplaces and play games that represent core competencies, competencies that they should already possess, but allow them to challenge their skills.  The site should also allow its players to sign in, create a profile, sort the games by their competency area, allow them to mark their favorites, leave comments, and collect badges for playing.  Later we even added functionality to include a leaderboard to compare their performance on games to other players!  Now, sadly, this site is currently under construction as we needed a full update on it.  But once available again hopefully we’ll get lots of players.