Drone Deployment

Drone Deployment is a simulation that allows students to play through three types of probability situations.  In order to move from one situation to the next, players must demonstrate proficiency and ability in the calculation of probabilities.  Structured feedback helps students who need extra assistance.  This game is deployed as part of CLB034, a continuous learning module and will soon be available for tablets via the Droid Marketplace and the iTunes App Store.

Developed by NextGen New Media!

Time Phase

Time phase is a simulation based game that allows students to practice the concepts of time phasing techniques.  Playing the role of a Cost Analyst at the fictional Hilland Point Military Base, players must visit the offices of other professionals around the base and determine what the appropriate type of time phasing for their situation is.  Players then must apply the time phasing concept in order to fill in the appropriate values in to the LCCE.  This game is deployed as part of DAU’s CLB031 and will also soon be available for tablets and smartphones via the Droid Marketplace and iTunes App Store.

Developed by NextGen New Media!

Source Selection PTN Contracting

Source Selection leverages the proprietary Cognitive Decision Making Game development tool Play the News by Impact Games.  This tools allows a player to interact with a scenario and to make decisions based on the conclusions they reach.  During the game they have several decision paths that they may follow including the decision of the role they will play in the scenario, the decision to collect the opinions of stakeholders, then a final decision.  This game is currently delivered in the contracting continuous learning module CLC.

Select A Cell

Select A Cell is a mini game that allows Logisticians to experience a lifecycle support scenario.


The Artemis Exploration

The Artemis Exploration is a cost rates game that allows its players to make critical decisions related to the rates associated with developing a fictional lunar vehicle.  This game, developed by Sealund & Assoc currently resides within a contracting course at DAU.

Developed by Sealund & Associates!


Grainger Inventory Shuffle

Inventory Shuffle was designed for W. W. Grainger to give their sales force new options for making recommendations to their customers.  The game presents players with scenario cards which outline a customer’s current situation.  Players then use Action, Outcome and Solution cards to make recommendations from W. W. Grainger’s product offerings.  This game was designed in just 48 hours leveraging the A Game of Cards infrastructure and is currently being used throughout W. W. Grainger’s sales force!



Acquisition Proposition

Acquisition Proposition was designed and developed by the ADL CoLab to serve as a reinforcement mini game for the general acquisition process.  This game leverages a “Diner Dash” style metaphor and challenges its players to appropriately identify the components of the Acquisition Milestone Process in increasingly difficult levels.


At DAU, there is one career field in particular that possesses inherent dangers.  That is Contingency Contracting.  These are government professionals who are deployed to various regions following a contingency event.  So, how do we prepare a student to be ready to go as soon as they land in this potentially dangerous situation?  By allowing them to go through the motions in a safe enviroment obviously.  And thats what CSIP does.  It is the precourse work for our Advanced Contingency Contracting course (DAU’s CON234), and I call it an ARG, or Alternate Reality Game.  An ARG is a game that mixes gameplay with the real world.  When students sign up for this course, they receive fictional orders for a deployment to Haiti, following the earthquakes that rocked that region in 2010.  Students must then use media and historical information from the days following that disaster, along with current world wide web resources to put together their contingency support plan.  As they all have access to the internet, this game models a real world pre-deployment that can be evaluated when they arrive at the course.  Its one of my favorites and was build by UCF’s RETRO lab.

Time Traveler

The Time Traveler game was developed as part of the Contracting career field.  This game focuses on a fictional contract for a time traveling device.  Players must review contracts for completeness and potential problems in order to prevent future problems with the technology that will prevent the device from being successfully developed.

Designed and Developed by Tandem Learning & Hybrid Learning!


This mini game allows Acquisition Professionals to apply the basic concepts of Contracting to a variety of scenarios.  This game is also mobile!