University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL
PhD        Modeling and Simulation
MA        Interdisciplinary Research – MALS
BS        Psychology

Professional Experience

Czarina Games, LLC
Position:    CEO
Dates:        6/2011 – Current
Duties:    Czarina Games was founded as a games consultancy group in order to be responsive to companies who needed individualized game services. Czarina Games follows a four step process starting with a front end analysis, a pre production phase, the production phase, then an implementation phase. Czarina Games has launched A Game of Phones, a is a card based game designed to help people think through mobile learning strategies; A Game of Badges, a basic conference gamification with the underlying goal of transitioning informal learning experiences into the formal; A Game of Games, a card based game that helps people determine what types of games and implementations might be right for various types of learning objectives; and Gold Stars, a motivational deconstruction of gamification.  Czarina Games also consults on new game projects to corporations including current clients Pay Pal & W.W. Grainger.

Defense Acquisition University
Position:    Games Czar
Dates:        6/2007 – Current
Duties:    Implementing Games and Simulations within DAU’s extensive courseware including resident courses, online courses, continuous learning modules and learning performance support for the 140,000 member Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Workforce.  Conducting analyses of course amenability to G&S implementations; proposing and securing funding for 40+ games projects.  Serving as designer, producer or project manager on all game production initiatives which include single player and multi player varieties and Droid/iOS delivery platforms.  Advisor on the transition of many of those learning assets into mobile learning objects.  Performing research on game implementation heuristics.  Recently launched the first ever DoD Casual Games site attracting over 200,000 users in its first month alone. Currently Site Director for Teaching & Learning Lab in Orlando, FL focused on classroom technology virtualization and thin client technologies and  representing member on Team Orlando Board of Directors.

Old Dominion University
Position    Research Scientist & Education Cluster Director, Virginia Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation Center (VMASC)
Dates:        10/2006 –  6/2007
Duties:    Researched synthetic learning environments including games, simulations and virtual worlds for K-12 and military training.  Responsible for securing funding for research efforts and maintaining collaborative relationships with other departments within the University and local industry.  Led the Asynchronous Course Development Project for the Modeling and Simulation (M&S) graduate program, in which core graduate courses were infused with gaming and simulations for asynchronous and distance learning (DL) delivery options.  Responsible for development of a VMASC Gaming Lab, in which a capability for the development and implementation of games “as” and “within” curriculum could be supported.  Responsible for maintaining awareness of current domestic and international research initiatives related to games.  Refinement of research agenda to include current research initiatives and incorporation of emerging technologies.

University of Central Florida
Position:    Research Scientist, Digital Media & Institute for Simulation and Training
Dates:    8/2005 – 10/2006
Duties:    Researched areas related to synthetic learning environments, serious games, experiential learning and technology, multimedia interactive training systems.  Taught areas related to workplace skills, digital portfolio creation, and local M&S industry awareness.  Research scientist for CREATE (The Consortium for Research on Entertainment, Arts, and Technology for Education).  Senior Research Scientist for PROSE (Partnership for Research on Synthetic Experience).  Attended and presented at conferences related to Human Factors Psychology, Industrial Organizational Psychology, Digital Media, Games, Serious Games, and Education.  Projects included: The Effectiveness of Massively Multi-Player, Game-Based Learning in Science Education (Funded by NSF, $200K x 3 years); Supported Immediate Versus Delayed Feedback in Simulation Based Training (Funded by Chi Systems $80K); Using Game Mods for History, the Role of Narrative in Learning Experiences (Funded by IST $5K).  Developed of comprehensive research agenda designed to guide research initiatives in educational and training games towards a “Science of Game-Based Learning”.

University of Central Florida
Position:    Visiting Professor, Joint Appointment Digital Media & Institute for Simulation and Training
Dates:    8/2004-8/2005
Duties:    Conducted a review of current Digital Media undergraduate and graduate curriculum and leading committee on competency based approach to educational objectives.  Advised the new Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy (FIEA), a Digital Media MS program sponsored by Electronic Arts, in their curriculum development.  Worked with local government authorities on various initiatives related to providing a competent local workforce for the emerging local gaming industry including organizing digital media summer camps for economically disadvantaged students.  Served as Instructor for service teams classes in the Digital Media department.

University of Central Florida
Position:    Research Associate, Institute for Simulation and Training
Dates:    11/2003 – 8/2004
Duties:    Served as Project Manager for “Merging Entertainment and Simulation with Learning Science: The Development of Synthetic Learning Environments” to create a “Virtual Field Trips” funded by Orange County Public Schools for the amount of $150k.  Served as Project Manager for “Technology-Enabled Learning in Soft-Skills Training” to create a workplace simulation funded by Workforce Florida, Inc. for the amount of $250k.  Serving as Research Associate for “Development of Learning Strategies Consortium to Enhance Navy Training” to investigate technology enhanced learning funded by the Naval Education and Training Center (NETC) in the amount of $225k.  Serving as appointed representative to Workforce Florida, Inc. to assist in the development of a nationwide standardized assessment of 21st Century adult soft-skills.

The Group for Organizational Effectiveness, Inc.
Position:    Independent Consultant
Dates:    12/2002 – 08/2003
Duties:    Produced instructor guides and multi-media tools as supplemental training materials for use in Navy-wide training protocols.

Jardon and Howard Technologies, Inc.
Position:    Research Psychologist, Contractor to Dept. of Defense, Dept. of Navy
Dates:    09/2002 – 12/2002
Duties:    Developed and produced training videos on a various classroom based team communication training methodologies for use in both Navy and non-Navy domains.  Investigated human performance issues within training situations as well as high level decision making.

Naval Air Warfare Center, Training Systems Division
Position:    Research Psychologist, GS-07
Dates:    05/1999 – 09/2002
Duties:    Served as project manager on multiple research efforts and performed supervisory functions such as problem identification, development of research proposals, and presentation development and delivery for areas related to mentoring, human performance support and diagnosis systems, and on the job training.  Worked on human asset development and developmental interaction projects for Future Naval Capabilities. Designed and delivered training courses, workshops, and materials designed to supplement classroom instruction such as videos and multi-media tools.

Naval Air Warfare Center, Training Systems Division
Position:    Research Intern
Dates:    1/1999 – 5/1999
Duties:    Supported the Tactical Decision Making Under Stress (TADMUS) program designed to evaluate and create prevention strategies for team related accidents.