DAU Casual Games PortalĀ  (Currently Under Construction)

Executive Producer/Designer

Single Player Games

  • Acquisition Glossary Games (IITSEC Serious Games Finalist 2011)
  • Acquisition Phase Tuner
  • Acquisition Proposition
  • Artemis
  • Business Cost & Finance Glossary Game
  • Business Acumen Game (In Production)
  • Charge! Contracting Mini Game
  • Contingency Ethics Game
  • Contingency Redeployment Feud
  • Contingency Site Survey Game
  • Contingency Support Plan ARG
  • Continuous Process Improvement Game
  • Continuous Process Improvement Mini Game (IITSEC Serious Games Finalist 2010)
  • Contracting Glossary Game
  • Drone Deployment (Flash & Mobile)
  • Homeward Bound: Acquisition Strategy and Contract Execution Mini Game
  • Life Cycle Logistics UAV Game
  • Logistics Glossary Game
  • Operation Moonraker: Defense Financial Management Mini Game
  • Operation Sticky Notes: Cost Analysis Mini Game
  • Operation Target: PPBE Mini Game
  • PPBE Experience (in Production)
  • Procurement Fraud Indicators (IITSEC Serious Games Finalist 2009)
  • Program Budget Mania: Cost Estimating Mini Game
  • Racing Ratner: Congressional Enactment Mini Game
  • Select-A-Cell Logistics Game
  • Source Selection Evaluation Board
  • Source Selection Game
  • Strategic Sourcing Game
  • Systems Engineering Glossary Game
  • The Great Escape: Program Execution Mini Game
  • Time Phase (Flash & Mobile)
  • Time Traveler
  • The Great Escape
  • Treasure Cheese: Budget Exhibits Mini Game
  • Virtual Field Trip (Recognized for Excellence by PBS & NSF)
  • WorkForce Florida Customer Care Game (Recognized for Excellence by NSF)


Multi Player Games

  • A Game of Phones (Card)
  • AcqSim
  • AcqSim Lite
  • IBR MDAP Game
  • Inventory Shuffle (Card)
  • Gold Stars (Card & Mobile)
  • RFP MDAP Game
  • RQM Cohort Game