Top 10 Research Findings 2012 # 3

Once again we're counting down!   #3 Investigating Real Time Predictors of Engagement   When we design games, one of the most critical aspects of the design is the procession of the … [Continue reading]

Top 10 Research Findings 2012 #5 & 4

This is a continuation of several earlier posts, broken up to keep you awake while you're reading! #5 Influences of Game Quests on Pupils in Math Learning When we think about quests, its easy to get … [Continue reading]

Top 10 Research Findings 2012 #7 & 6

I recommend you start at the beginning, but if you're like me and you have no real use for directions, proceed! #7 A Study on Exploiting Commercial Digital Games into School Context. When many of us … [Continue reading]

Top 10 Research Findings 2012 #9 & 8

This is the to be continued of the Top 10 Research Findings in games posts!  If you've landed here without reading that post, I recommend you go back and take a peek at the evolution of the list and … [Continue reading]

Top 10 Research Findings 2012 #10

A few years ago, it was particularly challenging to find real empirical research related to the use of games in education and training.  Back then my PhD advisor Clint Bowers and I started an annual … [Continue reading]

Games Movements

In this post, I'm hoping to clear up some of the phraseology within games.  While I will save "gamification" for another day, I wanted to make sure that you understand the "movements" that surround … [Continue reading]

Getting Ready for Games

  The single most important thing that any person can do to better understand games could never be captured in a blog.  While this post was written to prepare its readers to have the highest … [Continue reading]

Drone Deployment

Drone Deployment is a simulation that allows students to play through three types of probability situations.  In order to move from one situation to the next, players must demonstrate proficiency and … [Continue reading]

Time Phase

Time phase is a simulation based game that allows students to practice the concepts of time phasing techniques.  Playing the role of a Cost Analyst at the fictional Hilland Point Military Base, … [Continue reading]

Source Selection PTN Contracting

Source Selection leverages the proprietary Cognitive Decision Making Game development tool Play the News by Impact Games.  This tools allows a player to interact with a scenario and to make decisions … [Continue reading]