Select A Cell

Select A Cell is a mini game that allows Logisticians to experience a lifecycle support scenario. , … [Continue reading]

The Artemis Exploration

The Artemis Exploration is a cost rates game that allows its players to make critical decisions related to the rates associated with developing a fictional lunar vehicle.  This game, developed by … [Continue reading]

A Game of Phones has won the “Best Business Process”

November 2011 Developers Hybrid Learning Systems & Czarina Games are pleased to announce A Game of Phones has won the “Best Business Process” award at the eLearning Guild’s annual conference, … [Continue reading]

Grainger Inventory Shuffle

Inventory Shuffle was designed for W. W. Grainger to give their sales force new options for making recommendations to their customers.  The game presents players with scenario cards which outline a … [Continue reading]

Acquisition Challenge has been named a finalist…

October 2011 Dr. Sanchez is pleased to announce that Acquisition Challenge has been named a finalist at the Interservice/Industry Training Simulation and Education Conference’s Serious Games Showcase … [Continue reading]

Acquisition Proposition

Acquisition Proposition was designed and developed by the ADL CoLab to serve as a reinforcement mini game for the general acquisition process.  This game leverages a "Diner Dash" style metaphor and … [Continue reading]


At DAU, there is one career field in particular that possesses inherent dangers.  That is Contingency Contracting.  These are government professionals who are deployed to various regions following a … [Continue reading]

Time Traveler

The Time Traveler game was developed as part of the Contracting career field.  This game focuses on a fictional contract for a time traveling device.  Players must review contracts for completeness … [Continue reading]


This mini game allows Acquisition Professionals to apply the basic concepts of Contracting to a variety of scenarios.  This game is also mobile!   … [Continue reading]

DAU Casual Games

The Defense Acquisition Casual Games site was launched in 2010 with 13 mini games.  Each of the games on this site represents a core competency based serious game designed to target a unique area of … [Continue reading]