Game of Phones

A Game of Phones was designed in partnership with Hybrid Learning Systems as the official conference game of MLearnCon 2011.  The game was designed to allow conference attendees to compete with one … [Continue reading]

Acquisition Proposition

Acquisition Proposition is a mini game designed to help Acquisition professionals better understand the key component of the Acquisition Process.  Acquisition Proposition is styled after Diner Dash, a … [Continue reading]

CPI Game

The CPI game has two parts; a mini game (shown here) that challenges students with identifying and understanding the 7 tools of continuous process improvement and a larger game that asks players to … [Continue reading]

Ratner Business Games

The Ratner series of games were developed by NextGen New Media in order to help students of the business course BCF 103 remember vocabulary terms.  Each distinct game is a mini game that plays a part … [Continue reading]

DAU Casual Games Portal

This project was a true labor of love.  Casual games and mini games as part of an educational or training program seem like a no brainer right?  I thought so, so I pushed and shoved and stomped my … [Continue reading]

Vocabulary Challenge

The Vocabulary Series of games were designed to leverage the DAU Casual Games Portal leaderboard functionality.  These fast paced vocabulary games are mirrored after the "Free Rice" series of … [Continue reading]

Procurement Fraud Indicators

The Procurement Fraud Indicators game was designed in order to help its players understand how, when and why to apply the concepts of procurement fraud to realist situations. This game allows its … [Continue reading]

Virtual Field Trips

Funded by NSF, this project was my first ever.  The goal was to help 2nd graders learn vocabulary words from their reading materials that they were unlikely to have experience with in everyday life.  … [Continue reading]